London’s not all crumpets and tea!

London by Flickr user JohnGoode (creative commons)

A visit to London will usually involve hitting the shops on Oxford street, an obligatory art gallery trip and a tasty afternoon tea. England’s capital is a great one, and there are tons of attractions and activities on offer which are far more exciting and dare devilish than a crumpets and tea outing! Intrigued? Read on for our pick of the best to do, see and experience within this wonderful city.

Dine out: Why not swap a classic afternoon tea for slightly more unusual fare? London is home to a huge array of global food markets and restaurants and attracts world renowned chefs. For something really out there, book a table at Archipelago, which promises to deliver ‘an uncharted culinary adventure’ and features a colourful menu. Amongst its offerings are kangaroo, wildebeest, crocodile and ostrich, whilst the really adventurous foodie can sample chili and garlic locusts and meal worm faux caviar!

Climbing high: Just because you’re in the city doesn’t mean you can’t experience extreme sports. The Westway Climbing Centre in west London features an impressive climbing wall to suit all levels of ability. Staff are on hand to guide visitors and ensure that safety always come first. An injury can have serious consequences for yourself and your finances, so knowing how to seek compensation is important. Head injury claims can be vital in easing the financial burden of accidents and injuries.

A view of the city: Visiting The Shard or a ride on The London Eye may deliver good views, but for something truly spectacular, take to the air in a microlight. London Airsports Centre offers microlight sessions, as well as flight training and wing-walking experiences.

Find your inner artist: London is a real cultural hotspot with countless art exhibitions on show at innumerable galleries across the city. Most visitors to the capital will include a visit to an art gallery in their London stay, so why not do something a little different? Rather than seeing the artworks of others, take a workshop to create your own! Paint Jam runs Studio Evenings, where guests are invited to make their own art using a range of materials, to a background of music and a bar onsite! Need a little inspiration? There’s also a communal canvas where ideas can be sparked and shared.

A magical must: A top secret site: The Natural History and Science museums are top visitor attractions in London and for good reason. Though if you fancy avoiding the crowds and going somewhere a little off the beaten track, then the Centre for Magic Arts is a must. Magical books, apparatus, posters and more can be found in this mysterious museum, located near Euston tube station. By appointment only.

Jump for joy: Bungee jumping is not just an activity for the great outdoors and countryside: this extreme sport can also be done in urban London! The UK Bungee Club organizes jumps from its 300ft crane, located at Adrenalin Village in Chelsea Bridge, Battersea. Established in 1992 has a great safety record and has raised over £3 million for good causes from its charity jumps – leaving you with no excuse not to get involved!

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