3 Cities That Will Blow Your Mind


Tower Bridge, London by Twilight

London, England

Each year, about 15 million visitors from all over the world come to be wowed by the capital of the Commonwealth Empire. Indeed, London’s appeal extends beyond its royal connection. A vibrant cosmopolitan experience mixed with cultural sights and sound awaits you, and makes it a must on a tour of the British Isles.

For the traditional sightseeing tour, you have the task of completing London’s 60 top view sights. Do this conveniently using the London Pass, which you can purchase online. Visit the London Eye, Tate Modern, the Buckingham Palace, and so many other top spots on a blitz tour of the city.

For a true feel of the city’s culture, head to the English pubs, and sample true English beer. Get rowdy with fans every weekend at a home game for the premier league football teams, or watch a rugby match. The disco lights come on every weekend, and Londoners can party hard too.

You can also visit one of the reputed underground poetry nights, enjoy a delicious sample of local and international cuisine in restaurants, and travel around in the classic black taxi or red buses.

Valletta, Malta

The island capital of Valleta is indeed the gentleman’s city. Built by the grandmaster it is named after, it features an impressive array of architectural feats dating back to the 1500s. From beautiful cathedrals to imposing forts, the view across the city is magnificent. What is even more impressive is how the city has morphed into modernity, combining this ancient architecture with modern skyscrapers. The effect is a city that is literally a modern work of art.

Named the European Capital of Culture in 2018, a holiday in Valletta will transport you to building art from the Baroque era. Take a tour of the Floriana suburbs, enjoy the sights of the Three Cities, and wander through the Three Villages near the city. Do this in the backdrop of the beautiful Mediterranean Sea scene, enjoying fine weather and delightful sea food.

Valletta, Capital of Malta Photo by zoonabar, Creative Commons

Valletta, Capital of Malta Photo by zoonabar, Creative Commons

Delhi, India

The city of Delhi is what India is all about: passionate, vibrant, and intense. This city is not for the faint hearted, neither is it for the prejudiced and biased. This is for those who will open their minds, and let the sights and sounds shape the way they see life. I can comfortably say this city will change you.

If you let the Indian experience in, it will truly blow your mind. Head to the Old Delhi (Shahjahnabad) for an exciting tour of the ancient life of the royalty. While the Havelis are not as grand as they used to be, they will give you a taste of the power and wealth that the noblemen who lived here wielded. To complete the power trip, visit the Jama Masjid and Red Fort. Also, take a tour of the Lotus, Anuman and Akshardham temples. Try a bicycle city tour instead of a “safe” bus tour.

However, it is the city life that will remain etched in your memories. Take a rickshaw ride, eat shawarma from a food stall, head to the markets for shopping and haggle like a local. Pick one of the downtown Delhi hotels so you are in the thick of the city and get a true feel for it. If you can, visit an Indian home and share a meal. Head for a feast and take part in a festival. Ensure you sample the vibrant disco scene too.

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