4 Ways to Totally Relax in Milan

Sure, Milan is a high-energy metropolis, but underneath that cosmopolitan veneer lies a sleepy Italian villa lifestyle that fosters the agrees with favorite son Leonardo da Vinci when he wrote “…every now and then go away, have a little relaxation, for when you come back to your work your judgment will be surer.” Luckily, cheap Milan hotels are traditionally located in quiet neighborhoods so you can unwind and discover how beautiful it can be to do nothing, and then take a nice rest afterward!


Considered the most romantic neighborhood in Milan, the laid-back pace stems from the decidedly bohemian attitude that has oozed out of all the artists and visionaries who have favored this historic district for centuries. Shift gears from the everyday hustle-bustle aboard a picturesque gondola embarking at sunset for a leisurely dinner cruise along the interlacing canals. Drift lazily past enchanting shorelines packed with dazzling shops, upscale restaurants and stately abodes while you nibble fine cuisine and sip delicious Italian wines.

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Via Lorenzini Flea Market

Nothing is quite as satisfying as finding a great bargain, so spend a leisurely morning at this open-air bazaar to find deals on all kinds of way-cool stuff. Take an idle approach and just dig around the stalls in search of that perfect something you didn’t even know you wanted until you found it. You’ll discover brand-new designer fashions for a fraction of their original price and gently-used vintage clothing for that one-of-a-kind style statement. Settle into a sidewalk café along the canal to admire your new treasures and allow every day cares and worries to slip away like the water under the proverbial bridge.

Gardaland Water Park

Chill out at the primo water park in Milan that is much more than just a place to get wet! On the grounds you’ll find an indoor aquarium — a cool, shady spot to unwind while admiring stunning exhibits of native sea life, and there’s even have a shark tank! Experience a whole new level of tranquility in their relaxation gazebo that insulates you from the surrounding buzz. Catch some rays in the sunny solarium then head over to the Aztec Bar for a refreshing cocktail and snacks.  Along the artificial beach are shopping boutiques and recreation rooms for letting off some steam and, of course, they have an abundance of most excellent water slides!

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Roman Baths

The cool of the morning is the best time to wander around the ruins of the old Roman Mediolanum in Milan where medieval citizens refreshed themselves in the “thermae,” otherwise known as the Baths of Hercules. To recreate this experience for yourself, spend an afternoon in Milan’s modern-day version of the Roman bath house known as Aquae Calidae where the minute you step through the door you feel like you’ve stepped back in time. This oasis of serenity is laid out to recreate the full Roman bathing experience, complete with massages, scrubs and perfumed lotions. Begin with the “Tepidarium” where hot mineral waters soak away stress, followed by deep tissue massage. Next you’ll move over to the “Calidarium” where you can float around in warm water and indulge in an invigorating scrub that flakes off dead cells and leaves your skin polished and shining. Finish off in the “Frigidarium” where you quickly experience the invigorating ice falls that stimulate your circulation and slam your freshly cleaned pores shut so your skin takes on a rosy, healthy glow.

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