A Few Historical Facts about Bogota, Colombia

Bogota is the capital city of Colombia. The people of Bogota are known for tribal trading. Although they have no gold mine, they manufactured what is called tunjos (diverse pieces) normally used as offering to their gods. You can check out their gold museum, where some of these ancient ornaments are still preserved.
Cultural Life in Bogota
Back in the 1970s, Bogota was a very isolated city, but as soon as the railway line was built between the city and Magdalena River to the Caribbean coast, things became different. People from different backgrounds and occupation travelled there for business, pleasure and more adventurous purposes. Cultural life in Bogota was nothing more than literal gathering where the people of the land are given the opportunity to voice political concerns.

The construction of railways played a big part in shaping modern Bogota

The Columbian Literature history, directed by Jose Maria Vergara, was first recorded in the late 70s. There are two important theaters in Bogota; the Theater of Cristobal Colon (1892) and the theatre of Municipal (1895). If you are visiting Bogota for the first time they are well worth a visit.

Telecommunication in Bogota
On September 21, 1881, Bogota’s first telephone line was built. Jose Raimundo Martinez installed public telephones lines throughout the city. While telephone communication was being initiated in the city, information was sent via telegraphs. There are various telegraph offices still dotted throughout the city.
Industries in Bogota
The city had no outstanding industry for centuries due to relentless war and strife. In 1924 the oil struggle begun, which resulted in the loss of many lives. Later, various productions began taking place. Bogota’s first brewery company was established in 1889. This was one of the major industries that facilitated the development of roads and infrastructures.

Produce of the Bogota Beer Company

The rapid growth of Bogota was quite amazing. Telephone communication, transportation means, media and many more technologies have been introduced in this city in recent times. Bogota is one the largest cities in Colombia and is eye-catching for tourists as well as highly populated.

Bogota by night- a fairly modern sight


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