Case Study of an Expat- London

An expat is a person who leaves his home country in order to live in any other country. In other words, he is a person who has left his residing host country and is no longer a patriot there- ex-patriot, you see? ;)

Reasons for Becoming an Expat
A lot of expatriates leave their home countries for a better job or business. Some fall in love with someone who lives abroad and they leave their home country in order to be close to them. Some want to improve their standard of life and when they plan for moving to any country, they prefer a country with high standard of life. Any expat moving to London will have several things in his or her mind including a better job, a luxurious lifestyle and a better atmosphere.

London- an ex-pat’s dream?

Why to Move to London 
Moving to London can be a little bit costly for an expat. The expenses of daily routine, magnificent concerts, incredible entertaining places and costly visits to inner-city parks should be kept in mind before moving to London.  However, these are at least partly out-weighed by the higher wages paid to people who work in London.  There are many expat communities in London including Asians, Australians and South Africans.  As a result you will see a city with energized environment that values the skills of the people rather than their origin.

St Paul’s Cathedral- one of hundreds of iconic landmarks in London

Expat Checklist before Moving to London 
There are a few things any potential expat should keep in mind before moving to London. He or she should search for any profession related to his qualifications and experience and perhaps contact some companies to ask to be given a trial run in their London branch. He or she should check the possibilities of a cheap temporary residence for him in London, or just outside the city where rent tends to be much cheaper.  Anyone planning to move abroad long-term should visit the place they are planning to live in first- you don’t want to move your whole life across the world only to find out that you don’t like where you’ve ended up!  London has such a variety of experiences to offer that hopefully that wouldn’t happen though!  Oh, and before you move abroad you MUST inform your bank, otherwise you may find your cards blocked and yourself stuck without cash when a concerned banker fails to understand why someone halfway across the world is using your money!

I challenge anyone to find a more typically London shot than this!

Expats often have to move between various cities in search of work. London is the busiest city in the UK, so it has plenty of transport links for you to choose from, including airports if you are planning a long journey. You can use Gatwick airport parking service to park your car if you are leaving London for short period. Gatwick is close to London and you can get a flight from there easily as compared to London. You can also use the cheap parking at Heathrow airport to park your car.  Parking at Luton airport is not quite as plentiful, due to it being a smaller airport, but it is easily accessible and affordable for an ex-pat who wants to fly back to his or her home country for a short time to see family and friends.

London has many great transport links to other British cities

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