Five Things To Do in Spain For The Adrenalin Junkie

It is without doubt that Spain is a favorite destination for many due to the huge range of holidays you can have. If you are not one for lying on the beach all say then don’t underestimate the number of adrenalin-fuelled experiences you can have in this country. There are many activities that you can engage in such as bungee jumping, rock climbing, jet skiing and snowboarding, just make sure that you take out good travel insurance before you leave!

Bungee jumping 

One of the activities that have become famous in Spain the past decade is bungee jumping. This involves jumping from an artificial or natural bridge into emptiness. The sport can also involve plunging from a high platform with a special harness being used to connect your waist to a rope. It is filled with adrenalin and excitement and the jump technique, which simulates a fall, is an experience that cannot be easily forgotten. There are various locations in Spain where the sport can be practiced, and they have different heights and challenges. At times, you will need to be over eighteen in order to engage in this sport. If you are aged over 50, you might be required to have a certificate from a doctor in order to jump. One of the centers that offer bungee jumping in Spain is Pyrenees. The bridge in this location is about twenty meters high, and the season is between April and October.


Another once in a lifetime experience that you must engage in while in Spain is skydiving. When you go to Spain, specifically for this activity, do not choose any other location. The best place to do it is above Costa Brava from where you will enjoy a view of the coastline, the Pyrenees and the mountain range. For the few minutes, you will be in the air, you will experience diverse emotions. Definitely, the thrilling experience is likely to remain in your mind for a long period.

Jet skiing

If you intend to discover the virgin beaches, coves and other areas in locations such as Menorca, which cannot be accessed from land, then jet skiing is just the activity for you. You may opt for trips lasting for as little as thirty minutes and up to full day around the beautiful island. This experience offers you the thrill of controlling the Jet Ski and moving at the fastest speed possible.


One of the best places that you can enjoy snowboarding in the world is Sierra Nevada. The location has some perfect snows and its skiing season is the longest in Europe, lasting from December to May. The location has been a host of numerous international skiing events. The natural snow is usually supplemented by some snow cannons at many runs, and it comes as a surprise to many skiers that the location has temperatures that are warmer than in other resorts around Europe.

Outdoor karting

One of the best ways of discovering the natural beauty of the countryside is by riding through the awesome Costa Del Sol mountains. You will be taken off-road beginning from Estepona to the mountains through some stunning sceneries. Therefore, if you are looking for adrenalin-fuelled activities, you should book the next flight to Spain.


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