Five Tips For Finding a Business Agent in New York

New York

Love it or hate it, a trip to New York is never forgotten. To make sure you err on the side of the latter, it pays to do a little research about the Big Apple to make sure it doesn’t bite you first; for tips and advice is designed to make your oversees stay the most easy and enjoyable experience possible.

Give A Tip

Always tip the staff. The minimum wage for hospitality workers in America is one of the lowest in the developed world. You might notice that the staff in New York bars, restaurants and other venues are especially attentive and friendly; while undoubtedly you yourself are quite charming, they’ve also got their mind on the rent they’ve got to pay. For a lot of hospitality workers, tips are their biggest source of income. So don’t be stingy – not only out of compassion but also to avoid a frosty shoulder or an altercation in response to your closed wallet. New Yorkers are famously vocal about their thoughts.

Be Open To The Unexpected

If you’ve got any free time in your program, make the most of it: you’re in what many argue is the cultural capital of the world. Avoid the tourist traps and be open to new experiences. A local Italian café can be just as interesting and enjoyable as the Rockefeller Centre or the Metropolitan Museum of Art (though we recommend those too if you’ve got time). The Frick Collection (1 East 70th Street) is the former home of tycoon and art patron Henry Clay Frick and holds an incredible variety of rare and beautiful European art works. It’s less famous, less crowded sites such as this that will set your trip apart from the average tourist whirlwind.

Ooze Confidence

Be assertive. Americans in general but New Yorkers in particular appreciate those who are enthusiastic and confident. Be comfortable in upselling yourself and your company a little more exuberantly than you otherwise would; you’re in the place for it, so relax and let go of any excessive deference. The streetscape itself can be a little aggressive, but don’t take it personally and don’t be afraid to join in on the hustle and bustle. Equally don’t get too carried away. No one will appreciate an impersonation of De Niro from “Taxi Driver’.

View of New York Skyline at Night Photo by- ajagendorf25, Creative Commons

View of New York Skyline at Night Photo by- ajagendorf25, Creative Commons

Become a Transport Native

Speaking of taxis, while there’s a time and place for limousines, have some empathy for the others on the street who have to negotiate around these behemoths. New York’s transport systems are very egalitarian so don’t worry about getting those tailor made shoes grubby; you’ll be rubbing shoulders with the business elite down in the subway. The subway is second to the taxi is terms of the fastest and most convenient way to get around town. If there is a number of people trying to hail a cab and you’re chivalry is wearing thin, position yourself so that you’re ahead of them. Once hailed tell the driver your destination only after you’ve closed the door; once the door is shut the driver is compelled to accept the ride. The more you know, huh?

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