Jamaica – a Green Light Destination

Exotic travelling is the best travelling! Once you step on sunny lands you feel the warmth that invades your body and makes you instantly euphoric.

Jamaican flag (creative commons)

Jamaican flag (creative commons)

Jamaica is the best holiday treat ever. This beautiful, large, mountainous tropical island displays stunning scenery, filled with sandy beaches and luscious rain forests making your holiday a memorable one. Lazy days are perfectly spent here giving you the possibility to enjoy laid back moments and doing an impressive amount of activities and adventures planned just as you desire.

Jamaica’s main attractions

You cannot imagine how many amazing once-in-a-life-time activities you can do whilst in Jamaica. Choose from horse riding on the beach, scuba diving, fishing, extreme biking, and river rafting, climbing the spectacular cascading Dunn’s River Falls or swimming with the dolphins.  For those not so adrenaline types pick a slower pace while taking golf courses, discovering fabulous beaches, engaging on boat rides, catamaran cruises and, why not, sightseeing gardens. Shopaholics beware; there are some places around here that will leave you almost bankrupt.

Jamaica Hotel resort ( creative commons)

Jamaica Hotel resort ( creative commons)

Sunbathing while being surrounded by white sandy beaches and calm waters is a dream come true for every traveller out there. Everywhere in Jamaica you feel the vibe and the spirit of the legendary Bob Marley and that wonderful reggae music that is the core of the Jamaican culture. Not to mention the delicious Jamaican cuisine; this is a melting pot of flavours that reflect the different cultures that have influenced the island over the years.

Nightlife in Jamaica is very steamy and spicy. Gloucester Avenue in Montego Bay is the best place to find good restaurants, a long line of bars and trendy shops. For a good karaoke treat you cannot miss the vibrant Margaritaville which boasts 22different beer flavours and tropical margaritas.

If you are a music addict then you should know that Jamaica is the proud host of different Jazz and Reggae festivals.

If you plan your holiday to Jamaica choose the perfect staying for you. Book a hotel resort that has to offer amazing beauty and health treatments. If you have timeshare properties that do not provide you with all the needs you desire follow the advices of a professional timeshare services company. Right Choice Transfer has guaranteed results for timeshare owners who are in need of a way out of their timeshare contract.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your green light pass to Jamaica and enjoy an authentic five star holiday.



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