Living the Moroccan Dream

It is different to describe such a beautiful, culturally rich country that boasts with millions of visitors every year. This place has achieved its notoriety over time and now it is considered to be one the most popular travel destinations.

Located in the North of Africa, Morocco is an exotic gateway to Orient that still has elements of the modern lifestyle. It is one of the closest countries to Europe where one can explore a totally different culture, customs and way of life.

Morocco (creative commons)

Morocco (creative commons)

There are so many beautiful places to visit while travelling to Morocco. This is a good holiday for a family adventure or for a couple’s escapade. Beautiful landscapes, great culture, amazing food and cool active outdoor activities are enough reasons to get you packing for Morocco.

Things to do in Morocco

Because Morocco is a combination of traditional elements with latest cultural trends you will definitely find an accommodation suitable for all tastes. Do not worry, you will find hotel resorts that have all the requirements that you desire. The lovely city of Tangier is famous for its luxury hotels and boutique places.

Marrakech (creative commons)

Marrakech (creative commons)

Moroccans are well-known for their hospitality and for being amazingly successful businessmen. If you plan on doing some serious shopping, keep in mind that their local markets are full of things that your mind has only dreamed of. Try the markets from Marrakesh or Casablanca for a great treat. And do not forget to bargain. The locals love that and they really master the art of negotiating. This way, you will get a fair price and come back home with many beautiful pieces.

If adrenaline is what you are looking for then this is the place for you. Try hiking up the North Africa’s highest peak, go discover the Sahara and practice some camel trekking, get lost in the medina in Fez, and get a taste of those one thousand and one Arabian Nights while being entertained by Moroccan musicians, fire eaters, snake charmers and sensual belly dancers.

If you plan to boost your energy after all this amount of activities then the best choice is to simply relax on a panoramic terrace or grand square and enjoy some tajines flavored with saffron and argan. The Moroccan cuisine is simply outstanding and delicious. They have all the spices in the world and because of this their food has a myriad of tasty flavours.





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