Moscow to St Petersburg by Boat

St. Petersburg City, Russia Photo by bbmexplorer, Creative Commons

Russia’s appeal has drawn western travellers for centuries. It’s hard to overstate just how expansive the country is – stretching from the gentrified shores of the Baltic Sea to the wilds of Asia. Some of Russia’s most exciting destinations are to be found in its western waterways, stretching between the cities of Moscow and St Petersburg. One of the best ways to experience this part of Russia is on a cruise, sailing the canals and rivers which connect the two metropolises.

Tours begin in Moscow – the sprawling capital city founded in 1156. Invaded countless times over the centuries, Moscow developed a bold national identity – and showcases some of Russia’s most famous landmarks. Home to the Kremlin, Red Square and Lenin’s Tomb – Moscow is a vibrant modern environment with a direct link to Russia’s fascinating political past. Once you’ve spent time in Moscow’s restaurants, bars and the fashionable shopping district – it’s time to set sail.

The Moscow Canal takes travellers out of the city and through a number of historic locales on the way to St Petersburg – including Uglich, with its ancient Church of St Dmitry, the tranquil, rural community of Goritsy – and the island of Kizhi on Lake Onega. Kizhi island is one of the oldest settlements in the country: home to a collection of ancient wooden buildings and a glimpse into Russia’s storied past.

Moscow by Dmitry Azovtsev (creative commons)

At the end of the River Volga, on the shores of the Baltic Sea, lies St Petersburg. St Petersburg is known as the ‘Window to the West’ after the eastern and western cultural forces that met within its walls. Catherine the Great founded the huge Hermitage Museum – in a complex which includes the beautiful Winter Palace – in the city in 1764. Today, the building is home to antiquities from all over the world.

There’s an air of sophistication around St Petersburg, and you’ll experience it in attractions like the St Nicholas Cathedral and the Dostoevsky Literary-Memorial Museum. You’ll have plenty of opportunity to taste the culture and character of the city firsthand – in its bars, cafes, restaurants and shops. For those eager to experience the arts, the Mariinsky Theatre is a must-visit: home of Russian ballet and opera since the 1860s, the building is one of the most illustrious cultural establishments in Russia and the world.

Russian rivers cruises cover a huge variety of settings, and reflect the diversity of a country home to hundreds of ethnic groups, histories and cultures. Relaxing on a luxury cruise is an ideal way to take in everything your Russian experience has to offer – without worrying about the pressures that go hand in hand with modern travel.

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