Must See Spots in Argentina

Buenos Aires (Creative Commons Carlosoliveiareis)

He who has never been to Argentina – has never been to South America at all: wide flower valley, endless ocean, mighty mountains and breathtaking waterfalls is combined with astonishing Argentinean culture, merry people and wild parties.

Surely, the country is very large; it has so many interesting places to be visited that even if you have a year off work you won’t see all of it. So, I recommend 3 spots in Argentina that will make a full picture of this truly beautiful country.

Buenos Aires

Typically as it can be, I recommend starting your acquaintanceship with Argentina from its capital – Buenos Aires. Argentinean capital will definitely surprise you with its European architecture, and, indeed the city is very much European as most of it was designed by a world famous architect Eiffel. In total Buenos Aires doesn’t stand out from other South American capitals except for one district – La Boca, a fairy tale place with hundreds of multicolored buildings, romantic cafes and interesting museums. Here, people dance tango right in the middle of the streets, party all night and kiss each other when meeting.  In order to save some cash for the further trip, I suggest you stay in some place like Aparts Logrono. This way you will have your own apartment with all modern conveniences and no interruption.


The greatest and the most powerful places in Argentina is its largest water – Iguassu falls.  It is not only the highest waterfall in Southern America but a great adventurous place for the whole family. Iguassu is formed out of 250 craters that are united into one enormous waterfall. Although it is not as popular as Victoria or Niagara, it is surely one of the most beautiful falls to be seen.  Incredible exotic nature, rarest species and spiritual atmosphere makes it a must visit place in Argentina. To make the trip absolutely unforgettable I suggest you take one of the tours that are presented by Iguassu national park. It can be a simple hike, a boat tour or even a helicopter ride.


The most unexpected place in such hot country as Argentina is Patagonia province. Between bushy forests, mighty blue mountains and everlasting cold you will find the most southern city in the world – Ushuaia. Here you will have a chance to take “the end of the world train”, try delicious Argentinean food and meet a sunrise with real mate. One more place that accessorizes this province is The Valdes peninsula, the place where you can meet hundreds of penguins, sea lions or even a group of whale in less than 500 meters.

As you see, Argentina is full of diversity, so there is no doubt that you will find something very special that will stay in your memory forever.


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