The Many Sides of Santander in Spain

Santander with its historic center, beautiful parks and stunning beaches is a city with something for everyone. Whether you’re a nature lover, architecture buff or sun worshiper you’ll find plenty to keep you happy in Santander. Not one of the best-known Spanish holiday destinations makes this beautiful city a true travel gem.

The beautiful coastline

Santander has many beautiful beaches, many of which are in a central location and easily reached on public transport. Whether you want to relax, swim or try your hand at watersports, you’ll find a beach for you. Surfing and windsurfing is possible at some beaches. The most popular beaches are Playa de Langra, Playa de el Puntal and Playa de Matalenas.

The historical centre

One of the great things about Santander is its size. Small enough to walk around by foot, means you can easily while away the hours wandering the pretty and historic streets of this city and marvel at it’s many churches and other historic buildings. One not to miss is the cathedral, which is the oldest building in Santander.  Santander is also known for it many ice cream palours so why not give your feet a break and enjoy a cooling treat before you continue with your tour.

Stunning parks

For the nature lovers amongst you, Santander has no shortage of beautiful parks to spend time in. But if you are looking for true nature, then you’ll find it at the Parque de la Naturaleza de Carbarceno, a nature park located only 15 kilometers outside of the city. Here you can spot a vast array of wildlife including bears and tigers, so if you a lover of wildlife this place is an absolute must.

Peurto Chico

Seen by many as the heart of the city, Peurto Chico (meaning small port) is a wonderful place to sit and watch the world go bay. Offering stunning views of the bay and abundant with quaint cafes and restaurants, there is no better place to take a break from your sight-seeing and treat yourself to some food and coffee.

Santander is a beautiful coastal city, with history, parks, beaches and wildlife all within easy reach. Easily reached from England with cheap flights or the Santander Ferry it’s a wonder that more people don’t have this as their top holiday destination. But now that you are in on the secret, don’t delay and make this the next stop on your travels.

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