The Sharm el-Sheikh Cheat Sheet


Sharm el-Sheikh is one of the most charming destinations for travellers in the Middle East. Also known as the “City of Peace,” Sharm el-Sheikh, this is one place that will give holiday goers the chance to unwind. Follow this little cheat sheet to get a quick look at what makes this destination so magical.


This is the most popular draw for visitors to the area. The waters of the Red Sea that surround Sharm el-Sheikh offer some of the best diving in the world. There are two coral reefs just a short boat ride away from the city, Ras Mohammed and Tiran, which many dive experts consider as good as any found on Earth. There is also a spectacular wrecked ship, the SS Thistlegorm, for divers to explore.

The waters around the area have seen a big increase in plankton over the last few years, which has led to an increased amount of marine life throughout the food chain. Huge schools of fish will frolic around divers, offering some of the most spectacular dive scenes imaginable.

Horseback Riding

There are stables in the area that offer guided horseback rides through the desert surrounding Sharm el-Sheikh. This is a great activity that is well worth the time.


The food in the city is very good. There are cuisines from around the Middle East available for diners. There are also western chains like Starbucks, the Hard Rock Café and McDonalds. Makes sure to eat plenty of Egyptian barbecue foods. This is the style of cuisine that the area does best.


Alcoholic beverages are available at most restaurants and at all the bars in the city. Be aware that they will be expensive. This country with a strong Muslim population puts a heavy tax on booze. The best soft drink available is fresh squeezed guava juice. It is amazing and is an absolutely must-try beverage while in Sharm el-Sheikh. There are also good teahouses and coffee shops in the city as well.

Mt. Sinai

A short taxi ride from the city will take visitors to Mt. Sinai, which is thought in the Biblical tradition to be the site where Moses was given the Ten Commandments from God. The mountain is now home to a beautiful monastery, the Monastery of St. Catherine.


This is a place with a heavy Muslim population, so conservative clothing is recommended. This is especially true for females. Feel free to wear bathing suits at the beaches, but cover up when going into town.


The Monastary, Petra by Poco a poco


Most of the hotels in the area cater to resort tourists who like to pay for an all-inclusive package. There are not many budget options for staying in Sharm el-Sheikh. Names like Ritz Carlton, Hyatt Regency and Four Seasons are the order of the day. You can research prices for your stay here.

See Petra

The beautiful city of Petra is one of the most fascinating historical sites in the world. Carved into the walls of a canyon, the beautiful ruins can be reached in a day trip to Jordan from Sharm el-Sheikh.


A popular day trip from the city is to take a trip into the surrounding desert to meet some Bedouins. Visitors can have tea with and talk to these fascinating wanderers.


One of the most enjoyable parts of any trip to Sharm el-Sheikh is shopping in the many colourful markets. Always be sure to haggle fiercely to get a good deal. Have a price in mind before beginning to haggle, and do not go over it.


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