The Singapore Sling: The Best Cocktail that Singapore has to Offer?

Singapore is renowned for it’s ‘Singapore Sling’, that fresh, fruity cocktail with the frothy top. Made with a cherry liqueur, gin, triple sec, herbal liqueur and fruit juice, it is served cold in a tall glass to show off it’s splendid, majestic red colour. When visiting this city, people will normally stop off to taste this famous cocktail, but is it the best cocktail that Singapore has to offer?

Originating from around the early 1900′s, the ‘Sling’ has certainly maintained its notoriety within this region. Unfortunately, nobody knows if its the original recipe and the mixtures vary from bar to bar. There have been many stories surrounding this beverage and the only known true fact is that it was created by, Ngiam Tong Boon, a barman from that early era. He apparently used Sarawak pineapples, to give it that lovely foamy texture.

Singapore has amazingly vibrant nightlife and within the mound of drink menus available, there are lots of other things to try. Many tourists hang out around the Clarke Quay area, or one of the other water surrounded spots. There are also many tall hotels and buildings that offer sky bars, they provide great views and boast some of the best mixologists the world has to offer. It will be their pleasure, to create your ultimate taste experience.

There are plenty of other cocktails on offer, which seem to be trending at the moment. Examples are, the Mojito, the Margarita, the Mai Tai, the Cosmopolitan and the Long Island Ice Tea. The region also boasts wonderful micro breweries, that offer their own beers that are flavoured with anything from honey to tamarind. Of course these bars still offer the mighty, red, staple cocktail.

So it’s probably safe to say that whilst in Singapore, this is the best cocktail they have to offer. Simply because it has that added historical twist and unique flavour, enticing tourists in to give it a try. Once people have had a taste, they usually enjoy it and they often like to try it’s variations and different flavours that are on offer.

Depending on where you choose to drink one of these cocktails, you might want to take one of your Singapore credit cards, or a credit card for Singapore! Either way, you have the option to drink in complete five star luxury, or in a slightly more humble setting. The choice is yours. Cheers!



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