Things To Do in Lima the Capital City of Peru


Called the City of Eternal Spring, Peru’s capital city of Lima is a sprawling metropolis over 8 million people. Home to fantastic architecture, spellbinding ruins, delicious food and too many museums to count, Lima is a popular city with travelers in South America, whether they’re simply passing through or as a destination in and of itself.

As with any other city in the world, Lima’s activities are numerous and widely varied. Whether you’re a history buff, an adventure traveler, or simply whiling away some before you move on to another destination, Lima never disappoints.

Paragliding in Miraflores

Lima’s most upscale neighborhood, Miraflores is a gorgeous area with a garden-like feel perched atop the cliffs above the Pacific Ocean. The views are stupendous from most vantage points, but a bird’s eye view is what brings many people to the bluffs. Paragliding is wildly popular here, and people come from all over to try it. Plenty of companies with experienced guides are waiting to offer the adventure of a lifetime, and a view of beautiful Lima that is unrivaled.

Culinary Tours

With it’s incredibly diverse food culture, Lima has been declared the Culinary Capital of South America. A culinary tour of the city is a great way to get a glimpse into this fascinating wonderland of gastronomy. Visits to traditional markets, lessons on how to prepare ceviche and Peru’s famous Pisco Sour cocktail, and visits to Lima’s top restaurants are all available on single or multi-day tours. Unleash your inner foodie and dive mouth first into this delicious part of Lima.

Iglesia de Santa Rosa de Lima

Art in Barranco

Lima’s neighborhood of Barranco has long been known for its artsy inhabitants. The long time home of painters, sculptors, poets, and other artists, Barranco has become increasingly popular with tourists who seek out a different take on modern Peruvian culture. While Barranco is one of Lima’s smaller neighborhoods it is also one of its quietest, and its many galleries, parks and the famous, brightly painted houses make this enclave a great reprieve from Lima’s bustling, busy streets.

Lima’s Huacas

Travelers never need to venture outside of Lima to get an up close and personal view of Peru’s ancient civilizations. Pyramids and ruins, typically known as “huacas”, are all over the city, sometimes right next door to ultra-modern high rises. Some of the most popular sites are Huaca Pucllana, Huaca Huallamarca, and the Maranga Archaeological Complex, which is near the zoo. Many of Lima’s tour operators employ guides with extensive knowledge of these sites, and a tour of this fascinating portion of Lima is not to be missed.

Peruvian Pasos

A horse as a national treasure? Of course, especially when the horse is the famous Peruvian Paso, and that horse can dance. Literally. Known throughout the world for their incredibly smooth gaits, Peruvian Pasos are also used to perform Peru’s famous Marinera dance, with the man on horseback and the woman on the ground. It is an intricate and incredibly beautiful sequence of steps and turns, as the horse, man and woman work together to create a performance that is truly unique. Tours of the stables and a chance to ride one of these majestic horses on the beach are also widely available.

More and more people are realizing Lima’s capacity as a world class destination, and not simply a stop on the way to Machu Picchu. This gorgeous city has been bypassed for too long, and as Lima takes its place among the ranks of the great South American cities, it is only natural to expect more and more great things from the City of Eternal Spring.


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