Things to do in Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv was founded by the Jewish community in the year 1909 and has gradually emerged as one of the most popular cities in Israel.As an international tourist destination, Tel Aviv is often referred as a ‘city that never sleeps’. It’s blooming nightlife, energetic atmosphere and beautiful beaches make it a party capital. It has also been declared a world heritage site by UNESCO for its Bauhaus structural design. Its rich cultural heritage and modern outlook give a real cosmopolitan flair to the city.  Here are some ideas of how to make the most your time in this wonderful place:

Guided Bicycle Tour
The guided bicycle tour in Tel Aviv is a perfect way to experience its colorful and joyful atmosphere. The comfortable bike tracks run along the beaches, through Yarkon Park, around White City, and past the Old Train Station, the Old flour mill and other landmarks of the city. These tours are often accompanied by mesmerizing stories to make the experience that little bit more remarkable!


Jaffna – Museum of Tel Aviv
Located in the former Ottoman administrative centre, this museum displays the work of art of the empires that ruled the city in that era. The museum is lined up with Arabic coins belonging to the Ottoman period to the 5th century pottery shards. The presence of Jews in Jaffna has also been specially documented.

Manshia Train Station
This is one of the newest attractions, having been  abandoned for almost 60 years and recently revived. The Mansia train station was built in Jaffna in 1892 to connect Jerusalem with the ancient port. The elegant structure of the Ottoman era has been thrown open for the public as a four acre attraction housing galleries, a leisure complex, cafes, restaurants, boutiques and a weekly farmer market.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art
The Tel Aviv Museum of Art specializes in contemporary and modern art and is looked upon as one of the most exhilarating and diverse cultural organizations in Israel. The museum consists of the biggest collection of Israeli art in the world. It is a must-see for anyone interested in any form of art including architecture, painting, sculpture, graphics, cinema, dance and music.

Tel Aviv Port

Tel Aviv Port really comes alive at night!

The historical Tel Aviv port was the most popular and striking junction between the Mediterranean and the city. This first Israeli port is a prosperous hang out spot with bars, restaurants and shops. These are accessible by a huge wooden deck inspired by the shape of sand dunes of Tel Aviv.

Guided Tour of White City

The guide tour of White City is one of the best ways to experience the past and present life of Tel Aviv. It is home almost 5000 structures built in the modernist style and inspired by Le Corbusier and the Bauhaus school.


Enjoy the Beach

Jerusalem Beach, a stunning place to relax after a busy day of sight-seeing!

Tel Aviv is a much admired destination for beach lovers and it is easy to see why! There are eight major beaches within the town that makes it a popular tourist spot, packed with people of all ages and nationalities. The Jerusalem beach is especially popular among the hippies and hipsters.

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