Top Casinos to Visit when Travelling in Europe

Barcelona at night

Barcelona at night

When taking a holiday, the world is your oyster and anything is possible. For many travelers, the European continent provides an enticing venue to enjoy. With a diverse range of cultures and climates, Europe has much to offer. In the latest years many casino travellers have found the continent to be worth a visit. In fact, some of the best casinos found anywhere in the world are in Europe. The country of Spain is home to two top casinos which are popular among travelers.

The Casino Barcelona is located within its namesake city. The casino has gained a strong reputation for poker playing; some of the best in Europe. Its status has been further validated by the Barcelona Poker Open which draws poker stars from around the globe. Visitors can expect to find a total of 12 poker tables which are always open. Another casino option in Spain is the Castell De Peralada. This casino is within close proximity to the border between Spain and France. The casino has been built in a medieval Spanish castle which further adds to the gambling experience. The Castell De Peralada offers a mix of casino table games as well as slot machines.

For some travelers who may not have a lot of gambling experience, slot machines are often a nice game to transition one’s self into the casino setting. Slot machines are less intimidating than playing other patrons. They also provide many different themes which can appeal to a broader clientele. Slot machines can come in either three or five reeled machines. The advantage to the five reel machines would be that they offer more paylines on which money can be wagered. These machines also often have free spin bonus rounds as well as other bonus games associated with them. Make sure you’re wagering enough coins to activate these bonuses. Sometimes, if you’re not making the maximum wager, you may not be eligible for this extra play. If you want to try out some of these games before your holiday you can do so a places like online casino Australia where you can find all the traditional games.

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