Top Tips For Taking a Career Break to Travel

We’ve all heard of the “Gap Year”, well these days it’s not too uncommon to find people in their thirties reaching a point where the humdrum of 9-5pm becomes a little to much to bear. Taking a career break to rediscover yourself is the new mid-life crisis and is no longer seen as a career killer. In fact many people leave the 9-5 work life and after a taking a break to travel find themselves unwilling to return to an unfulfilling work life and end up setting up their own businesses or freelance doing something they enjoy. In this post we’ll go through some of the things you might want to consider before walking into your bosses office brandishing your resignation letter.

Leave your job on a high 

The worst thing you can do for your career prospects is to quit your job when things aren’t going well. Not only will this leave you feeling defeated and might mean you are taking a break for the wrong reasons but it’s also might sacrifice the glowing reference you might otherwise get. Also if things are going well at work when you consider taking a break to travel then there is every chance that your employer will give you extended unpaid leave and keep your job open for your return. This might not seem appealing right now but have a job to return to if you want to is the best situation you can find yourself in.

Put your belongings into storage 

Leaving for a long-term trip will undoubtedly have it’s implications outside of work. If you are a homeowner you need to ensure you can cover your mortgage payments while your away and if you rent and decide to give up your place then there is the question of what to do with your stuff. If you rent your home out to someone while you are away or decide to give up your rented accommodation then the ideal thing to do is to put your belongings into a storage facility. These are often very cheap and very secure ensuring that your belongings are kept safe while you enjoy yourself traveling.

Save some money for your return 

When budgeting for a trip like this, it’s easy to overlook what life will be like when you return. Don’t leave yourself short by forgetting to put some money away for your return, ideally you probably want at least a months worths of outgoings saved up especially if you don’t have a job to come back to and even more if you will need to put a deposit down on rented accommodation.

Think about working while you are away 

While you’re away make sure you take the time to consider what you want to do as a job for when you return. It’s easy to take a career break and spend it enjoying yourself travelling only to come back to find yourself just as stuck and confused as you were before you left. Take books to read while you travel that help you uncover your purpose in life, or do research online about work you think you’d enjoy. If you’re determined not to go back to an office job then perhaps take a laptop with you and see if you can start to make money online doing freelance writing or web design.

Whatever your reason for wanting a career break and whatever you decide to do when you come back, following these simple tips will ensure that the end result of your break is a positive one.






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