Why you should settle in the Windy City

Chigago by Trey Ratcliff (creative commons)

Chigago by Trey Ratcliff (creative commons)

Chicago, in the heart of America’s Midwest, is the third most populous city in the country. A large sprawling metropolis situated in Illinois on the shores of Lake Michigan – the so-called Windy City is a destination that attracts people from all over the globe.

So what pulls people to Chicago? Why is it such a popular place to live?

Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Chicago is no ordinary city. As a major transportation hub, Chicago sits at the center of an area of great commercial dynamism. Industry, finance, telecoms and general trade all play a huge role in putting this hard-working place on the map. With its International O’Hare Airport, the second busiest in the world, and a port rivaling those in the Far East, Chicago has a long international reach.

A place with the nickname ‘The City That Works’ is sure to be brimming with opportunities, and no matter which sector of employment is concerned Chicago has it covered. The highly qualified workforce in the Windy City is second to none, and as the city thrives, more and more skilled candidates arrive, aiming for a share in that success.

Apart from the career opportunities, the lifestyle in Chicago is worth a mention. With plenty of open spaces, fantastic shopping along The Magnificent Mile, majestic architecture along a breathtaking skyline and a wealth of leisure choices, moving to Chicago to live is hard to beat. Newbies to the Windy City come from all over the country and for those seeking truck rental Chicago has great services to help new arrivals on the move.

Nobody goes hungry in Chicago with 23 Michelin starred restaurants jostling for attention with more workaday Chicago stuffed crust pizza joints and hotdog sellers. All tastes and appetites can be satisfied in Chicago where something delicious can always be ordered from the menu.

Settling in Chicago makes sense for families. With a large number of quality schools and colleges on hand, world-class healthcare and attractive residential districts, such as Schaumburg and Arlington Heights, families find all they need. For a less suburban feel head more central to Lincoln Park and Wicker Park where property is more expensive, but the cool, arty neighborhoods more than compensate for the extra cost.

For those who thrive on the buzz of city life, Chicago is right up there with New York and Los Angeles. As with all major metropolitan centers the richness and diversity of the population is reflected in the culture on offer at the many theaters, galleries and music venues. The Museum Campus situated on the lakefront hosts The Adler Planetarium and Astronomy Museum, The Shedd Aquarium and The Field Museum of Natural History – covering a vast span of interests to suit everyone. Sports fans enjoy a never-ending calendar of top quality baseball (Cubs and White Sox), football (Chicago Bears) basketball (Chicago Bulls) and ice hockey (Chicago Blackhawks); so when there is free leisure time to fill, Chicago has it covered.

Chicagoans are famous for working and playing hard in equal measure and for those seeking the ultimate balanced lifestyle, settling in this vibrant Midwest City is worth serious consideration.





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